Mommy, Watch This.

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I want to start by apologizing to my own mother. I was a little more direct than my children and vividly remember yelling, “mommy, watch me, watch me,” as I jumped in the pool 10 thousand times. Although slightly different, the constant refrain to “mommy, watch this, mommy, watch this” is enough to drive someone mad. I’m watching, believe me. I’ve been watching for the last 6 years.

I know, I know…time flies, I won’t get these days forever, enjoy it while I can. And I do, but sometimes a girl needs to complain.

I love watching my kids. I love seeing them enjoy life and play together, experience things for the first time, laugh and play. But sometimes, after I’ve been watching all day, finding an appropriate level of excitement to watch my son spray his water gun or jump off the porch or ride his bike for the umpteenth time all in the span of 7 minutes is a bit much.

Sometimes, I’m not quick enough to watch, and then he repeats it over, and over, and over, and over again, until I do turn and watch–that’s fun. Or, there are the times when I just can’t watch because I have to do the dishes or fold the laundry or make dinner. Or, my daughter loves asking me to “watch this” while I’m driving the car.

If I’ve learned anything in this crazy experience called parenting, it’s that this is a phase and it too will pass. So for now, I will continue to take very large yoga breaths, put on my best smile, and exude excitement over my son connecting a lego piece and my daughter building a block tower. They’re healthy, they’re happy, and they love life. What more can I ask for…well, maybe just a hot second to take it all in without being asked to do so.

Ok, complaining over.

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