35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years


There are certain experiences when people are more likely to reflect on their place in this world, what has been, and what will be: births, deaths, birthdays, birthdays that are nice round numbers, birthdays with particular milestone significance….

A while back CT Working Moms did a series showcasing ‘Lessons Learned’ from each of the bloggers. In honor of my recent birthday, I am resurrecting the idea, but before I drop some knowledge, I would like to take a moment to thank my colleague who often comments that: “you don’t ever age.” Thank you to my friends under the age of 35 who still let me hang with them and make me feel young by association. Thank you to my older friends who make me feel young because, well, I am younger than you – Love ya! Mean it! And to all the bar tenders that will ever card me from this day forward – It is very much appreciated.

This, my friends, is 35.

  1. Love at first sight is real.
  2. Accept “good enough” for the stuff that doesn’t matter.
  3. Financial priorities: 1) Family Vacations, 2) Retirement, 3) Everything else.
  4. Children are perceptive. They feed off your energy. If you set a positive tone, they will follow.
  5. Most people are doing the best they can.
  6. Doing laundry is the easiest way I make myself feel productive without actually making a legit effort.
  7. Competition is my favorite (and maybe only) motivator.
  8. You can never be too old for a game of dress up or a dance party.
  9. Fried chicken has no business being in a sandwich.
  10. The feeling of control I have after writing a to do list is an illusion. And that’s fine by me.
  11. The secret to losing weight is eating real food.
  12. A sale is only a sale if you actually have the money to pay for the item in the first place.
  13. Guilty conscious needs no accuser.
  14. Don’t forget about taking care of yourself. A happy ‘you’ makes for a happy mom, wife, friend, co-worker.
  15. I would be nothing without the wisdom and support from my parents.
  16. There is not a man alive who doesn’t look good in pinstripes….Yankee pinstripes.
  17. Try new things. You may never know what hidden talents are lurking.
  18. Friends come in and out of your life for a reason.
  19. Jealousy is a wasted emotion. Another person’s gain is not synonymous with your loss.
  20. You can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to be taught. Some lessons can only be learned firsthand.
  21. Getting married is only reason (excuse?) to buy china. Put the china on your registry.
  22. Wake up before the rest of the house. The quiet time is worth more than the extra 5 minutes of sleep.
  23. Find a constructive outlet for aggression. Yes, aggression. Trust me.
  24. Be kind always, but save the best of yourself for your people.
  25. Now is now. A simple sentiment, but complicated to realize.
  26. Volunteer.  This world needs help.
  27. Surround yourself with people who build you up and challenge you to be a better person.
  28. It’s ok and necessary to say ‘no’.
  29. Being a friend is 90% showing up and 10% having the right words.
  30. A manicure can turn even the worst days around.
  31. Kids will always sleep late when you have somewhere to be.
  32. Trust your gut.
  33. I have seen myself in a different light since becoming a mom – sometimes it hasn’t been the most flattering light – but nonetheless, each of my children has helped me on my journey through life more than I could have ever imagined. I owe them so much.
  34. There is always time for one more kiss good bye.
  35. Life is too short.

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