How to Date Your Husband

date night

A few months ago on Instagram and Facebook, I started noticing the hashtag #dateyourhusband popping up all over the place.  Friend after friend would post up a picture of themselves and their main man together, clearly on a date night.  These posts really resonated with me, because my friends who were posting them were all mothers like me- busy all week holding down the fort at the office, doing chores, grocery shopping, driving to and from appointments, birthday parties, Target, the mall, cooking dinners, packing lunches, and, um, taking care of their kids, family, pets, and am I forgetting anyone else?  WOAH.

So where does that leave the two people that were the prequel to this beautiful miracle that is a family?


It wasn’t until Mike and I had our first child that we truly began to appreciate each other as a couple- two people madly in love with each other (and pizza and wine).  This time, we realized how vitally important to our new family that the two of us actually stepped out and focused on, well, US, for a little while.  Thankfully our parents were way more than willing to take our son for two days while Mike and I took a little vacation honeymoon.  This became our summer tradition, and every year for the past three years we have gone away, just the two of us, to do all of the pre-kid things we loved doing.  Like, sitting on the beach without making sure any child is eating sand, or, going out to a restaurant for dinner when the sun has set, and you don’t care that the table is not ready yet, and yes PLEASE I would like a cocktail at the bar while I wait.  Without fail, we both come back to reality still madly in love, and more than excited to see our little guys.  (It helps when we come bearing gifts to both the caretakers- thanks, MOM & DAD!, and to the kids!)

This summer’s installment of #dateyourhusband is exceptionally special- We’re celebrating ten, yes 10 years of Mike & Marie.  There will be cocktails, plenty of cocktails, and naps.



One thought on “How to Date Your Husband

  1. Yes! My husband and I try to get a date night in once a month if possible. We always comment on how great it feels to be a couple for a little while, instead of co-managers of a crazy household! We are going away for a week next month for our 5-year anniversary. First long trip since our daughter was born. Excited and nervous!


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