Best. Update. Ever.

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On June 23 I wrote about our search for a new daycare and all the concerns, issues and complications that accompanied that search. As we get ready to head on vacation and summer camp at daycare winds down, I thought I would steal a few minutes to look back at how far we’ve come.

First, that 8 weeks have passed is absolutely ridiculous to me!! Where did the summer go!?!?! By the time we get back from vacation, summer camp will have transitioned to school and my three little ones will be in full on learning mode (not to say that they weren’t learning over the summer but this will be more “school rigid” than “summer fun” learning).

I am so happy to report that all three kids made an amazing transition to their new daycare. I’m not going to lie – it was a tough 8 weeks.

I knew Bailey and Spencer, for the most part, would be fine. They had their good days and not so good days. We finally made it through two full weeks with no attempts or actual bites from Spencer (so we get to say good bye to his shadow!) and Bailey LOVES her new friends, teachers and the fact that she got to go swimming every day. So my concerns really weren’t for them.

The big concerns were for Gavin. Will he learn to trust these new teachers? Would he eat/drink for them? What happens when his “normal” sounds aren’t so normal? Will they be able to read his signs for being hungry, tired, or just plain cranky? What if his “normal” sounds become something more serious – will they be able to hear the difference?

Well as it turns out, my concerns, while valid, really weren’t necessary. As with ANY kid, there was a learning curve for all involved – the teachers learning Gavin and Gavin learning them – and my husband and I getting into a new routine with new teachers that actually listen and care! They can read him and know when he’s playing them vs. truly not interested in an activity/food. They are still learning some signs and “normal” sounds but as he gets older he continues to adapt and change – so we ALL have to continue learning with him.

We are just so excited that Gavin is excelling! He’s become more vocal and interactive with those around him (and not just certain people – everyone!) He’s still learning to self-feed and roll but his new teachers encourage him vs. letting him sit in the corner by himself. His head control is getting stronger every day and his legs go a mile a minute.

I have more confidence that we will meet his goals based on the amount of encouragement and support he gets on a daily basis.

While it was one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever made and at times seemed like the wrong one, I now know it was the best “right” decision we’ve ever made.  Like most families, making a “right” decision doesn’t always mean the “easy” decision. Our lives are slightly more complicated due to longer commutes/days due to the daycare’s location and hours. My house may not always be super clean, laundry always done/folded/put away and sink empty, because I run out of time to get it all done but my kids are in an amazing place where they are truly cared about, they are thriving and happy. And frankly, that’s all I care about.

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