Celebrating Summer with a YES Day!

Two years ago, CTWM blogger Elise blogged about having a “Yes Day” with her son, a special day where she said “yes” to his requests, no matter how crazy they sounded. It planted a seed in my mind of something I’d like to try when my sons were older, but like so many other ideas (hello, everything on Pinterest ever!) it got pushed to the back of my mind…that is, until my older son came home from school this past May raving about the book Yes Day that his teacher had read aloud. “Please please PLEASE can we have a Yes Day this summer?” he begged. I told him we would, but it would be a surprise as to when “Yes Day” would happen. On a Friday a few weeks ago, I decided it was Yes Day. The kids woke up and ate breakfast as usual (because I did not want to deal with the consequences of a sugary Yes Day start to the day, thankyouverymuch), then I called them to the kitchen to announce that Yes Day had officially arrived. I expected squeals of delight and clapping but I got…crickets. “Ohhhh yay!” they said unenthusiastically, and suspiciously wandered outside to play. No requests at all! To be honest, I was a little let down.

A few minutes later, my older son asked “So…can I have cupcakes for snack? Now?” “YUP!” I responded. (Note: He knew there were some in the freezer leftover from a party. We do not have some crazy “On-Demand Cupcake” contraption over here, unfortunately.) I think this was when they realized this was the real deal in Yes Days. It was on.

Their requests continued: a morning of crabbing at the beach in Niantic, followed by a nutritious (HAHA) lunch at Friendly’s with conehead sundaes (duh), visiting the pets at Petco and buying our cat a new collar (??), feeding the chickens at the local farm, and a reverse dinner (dessert first then dinner) in front of old-school Looney Tunes.

Photographic evidence of the insanity:

Overall, Yes Day was a blast. I had almost as much fun as the kids did. Requests for a second Yes Day are pouring in over here, and I’m sure there will be another one coming soon. Yes Day was also thoroughly exhausting, and all of us were in bed by 8pm, out cold. With one week of summer remaining before the school year starts up again, consider throwing a Yes Day in your end-of-summer plans! You’ll be happy you did!

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