Getting My Steps In


*Photo Courtesy of one of my awesome CTWM mother runners*

When I was pregnant, and concerned about losing all of the newly acquired baby weight, my Mom assured me that it would just come off after I had the baby- and then, “Oh, you’ll be chasing after your kids, it’ll just come right off!”  I didn’t believe her.  Until I realized how much cardio I was burning on the weekends- literally chasing after my kids.  It wasn’t until this new fitness craze of “getting steps in”, did I realize this to be true.

I don’t have a fitbit or a jawbone or an Apple iWatch, but I do have a pretty neat little app on my iPhone that tracks my steps.  I never carry my phone around with me on the weekends- I’m usually doing the aforementioned chasing after children, wiping up spills, administering apple sauce, and playing art teacher.  But, this past Sunday I thought, oh why not?  Let’s just see how many steps I get in as a climb up and down flights of stairs retrieving toys and stuffed animals, and running around the yard pulling kids in wagons for the day.  What would you wager on how many miles I got in on Sunday?  Yes. Miles.  Care to take a guess?  OK, here it is- SEVEN.  Yep. 7 miles.  7 badass mother miles of housekeeping, chore busting, lunch prepping miles.  You better believe I earned those two blueberry vodka martinis from Saturday night!!  I challenge you mommas out there- how many steps do you think you could get in on a day getting your Mom Cardio on?!


2 thoughts on “Getting My Steps In

  1. I do have (and love) my Fitbit and there are days that I am awestruck by how many I log doing “nothing.” (Of course, then there are the OTHER days…)


  2. I love that you kept track of your steps, Marie! So, are you saying that you think it’s ok that I consume massive amounts of ice cream on a nightly basis? Yeeessssss.


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