Pondering Important Parenting Questions.

I’ve realized that for as long as I have been a parent, there are plenty of questions that I just don’t have the answers to, that no other parent seems to know either.  Here are just a few of the questions that have been rattling around in my head for which there is no good answer.


Why do kids always vomit in the middle of the night in the middle of the bed?

Why do you always run out of coffee the morning after your kid has been up all night?

Why doesn’t the school provide child care for “parents only” events?

Why can’t they ever find their shoes even when they are in the same place every time?

Why does your spouse have a late meeting on the day you are most in need of a 5 o’clock rescue?

Why after all the back to school shopping is done are the shoes from last year that fit suddenly “too purple”?

Why is the day you’re unshowered in yoga pants in public the day you see everyone you know but the day you look put together and polished (with make up even) is the day you see no one?

Why do perfect strangers feel the need to comment on: your parenting, your kid’s manners, the state of your pregnancy, the size of your family, or anything else that’s not their business?

Why do your kids always have the most energy on the days you are the most tired?

Why is it that the night before you need to get up early you can’t sleep at all, and the night before you can sleep as late as you want you sleep like the dead and wake up before your alarm?

Why do we always seem to lose the library book the day before it’s due?

Why did my 4-year-old find the need to hide my razor from the shower somewhere in the house? (True story)

Why does it feel like no matter how hard you try there is never enough time, money, or patience but the love is always over-flowing?


If anyone has the answers to any of these questions I’d love to hear them, also please feel free to share the parenting questions you’ve been pondering too.


Author’s Note: In my last post, If Moms Ran the News, I said I didn’t watch the news and had no way of getting my information other than from social media.  One reader recommeneded The Skimm, a daily email with the latest news stories.  I checked it out and it seems a little young and trite to me personally.  However, I did discover that The New York Times has a morning daily top stories email newsletter as well as newsletters about many of the other sections of their paper.  I already signed up for the morning notes and anticipate signing up for quite a few more.  If you are interested here is a link.

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