Twitter Love! What’s YOUR Handle?

In case you haven’t noticed, our CT Working Moms Twitter page, CTWorkingMoms, has been a little bit chatty lately.  Yep.  I’m doing some stand up over there throughout the day.  You know, a favorite here, a re-tweet there, and occasionally, a picture of a giraffe hanging out the back of my SUV.  YOU KNOW, the USU.



I tweet on the regular under my personal handle, Marie5k, but now I’ll be helping to spread the MOM LOVE via Twitter .  If you haven’t looked us up in a while over there, I suggest you do!!  Give us a shout out, tweet us a picture of you and your kids picking apples, making a mess in the kitchen by trying a new family-friendly recipe, or just a simple HEY!!  We’d love to hear from you!!

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