5 Pieces of Career Advice for My Daughters

Caroline, you have just started kindergarten. You’re officially a full-time student and learning so many new things already. Emma, you are now in your first year in preschool and you are absolutely loving it. I’m so proud of you both. You don’t even know it yet, but you have both begun a journey that will one day lead to your careers.

I know that you both have quite a few years ahead of you before you have to work for a living, but this new chapter in your lives has me thinking about what lessons I hope you both learn along the way. Lessons that I believe will help contribute to your future successes. Although this advice might seem a little premature, I have no doubt that you will be able to apply at least some of it to your very important roles as a students.

1. Treat every job you have as if it’s the most important job you will ever have. You never know who is watching, listening, or telling others. Make sure you take pride in the work you do.

2. It’s so important to not only make goals for yourself, but to also work towards achieving them. Some of your goals will need to be modified or changed along the way, especially if your career path changes direction, but always be sure to create short and long-term goals for yourself.

Photo by C. Corrigan
Photo by C. Corrigan

3. Treat everyone with respect, even when you feel they aren’t deserving of it. Unfortunately, this world has rude people and chances are that you will have to interact with some of them. Always do your best to be the bigger person. You really never know what a person is dealing with in their personal life. My mom always told me that when you’re dealing with someone who isn’t being very nice to you, that you should “kill them with kindness.” I always try to keep that in mind and hope you will to.It will get you much farther.

4. Money is not always everything. I once had to take a significant pay cut in order to move from a job that made me pretty miserable, to a different job that I felt happy going to each day. There may be times when your mental well-being is more important than getting a bigger paycheck.

Photo by C. Corrigan
Photo by C. Corrigan

5. Don’t underestimate yourself or your potential. You are capable of more than you probably think you are. With enough dedication, hard work, perseverance, and determination, you can do anything you put your mind to. Trust yourself and your abilities. Go ahead and shatter those glass ceilings.

Photo by C. Corrigan
Photo by C. Corrigan

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