10 Ways Not To Dress Your Kids For Halloween

It goes without saying that any costume with the word “sexy” in it should probably be avoided, but there are other ways for parents to fail big time at Halloween…like costuming their kids as TV’s famous meth-dealing duo, a pack of smokes, and yes, even a condom. Check out 10 epic Halloween costume fails.


I wonder what this family will be giving out to trick or treaters?


Anyone want to guess what mom’s costume is?


Nothing like giving your kid a heaping dose of self-esteem.


You just know this kid is going to become a vegetarian.


Awww, lil Don Draper…complete with large tumbler of scotch.


Because every kid wants to be just like the cast of Jersey Shore! Hey, Paulie D!


This costume is only legal in Colorado.


Cute clown gone bad.


“Hey, Mom…Can we be the cast of Breaking Bad for Halloween??” said no toddler ever.


Every kid dreams of becoming a tape measure when they grow up.

Happy Halloween!!

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