A Thank You To 19 Moms


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Maybe you’ve been one of these moms for someone. Or maybe you can be. 

Thank you to the mom who sent me a wonderfully long list of things you really need for a baby and for letting me know about the things I really shouldn’t waste my money on.

Thank you to the mom that sat next to me in birthing class and helped me laugh when I was kind of freaking out. Later on you were also the mom who convinced me to get out of the house when I was really struggling­­­. Thanks for keeping in touch and keeping me moving when I wanted to wallow.

Thank you to the moms who told me how hard it was to see me when they were having trouble conceiving. I had no idea and you really opened my eyes to the number of people out there who are struggling. It was hard to hear but I’m glad you were brave enough to let me in a little. I’m so glad you have the family you wished for.

Thank you to the mom, my mom, who worried more about me when I was giving birth than her new grandchild. Now that I have my own daughter, I understand so much more about a mother’s love.

Thank you to the mom who went above and beyond as the lactation consultant at my OB/GYN. I know you were well outside of a 40-hour work week when you came by my home multiple times a week and followed up with me daily for weeks and weeks while I tried so hard to breastfeed. And thank you for supporting me when I decided to move to formula.

Thank you to the mom who answered the phone at the doctor’s office every day for weeks while I checked for cancellations to get my daughter’s tongue tie corrected. You never made me feel like I was bothering you.

Thank you to the mom who performed CranioSacral Therapy on my days old daughter in an effort to help her learn to latch on. But mostly my thanks are for the encouraging words you gave me and one particularly wonderful bear hug that I needed more than anything when my own mother was over a thousand miles away.

Thank you to the mom who taught me that I shouldn’t consider anything about my children a problem by someone else’s standards.

Thank you to the mom who seemed like a super hero to me in those early day care days. You were dropping off your third while I was dropping off my first. I admired your calm demeanor and your triathlon sticker. You gave me hope that I would be me again someday, somehow. Sure enough you were right.

Thank you to the mom who taught mom and baby yoga while I was on maternity leave. Some of the first connections I felt to my new baby started on that mat. I still sing her songs from that class.

Thank you to the moms who took care of my babies like their own.

Thank you to the mom who taught my first adult yoga class post baby. You completely ignored the puddle of tears that I became as soon as the lights went down and the soothing music started.

Thank you to the moms who supported me when I came back to work after each child. Thank you to my co-worker’s wife who gave me a book that had been given to her when she went back to work. Thank you to the mamas who helped me talk out those early concerns about being a good mom. There were so many of you and you are all amazing. I miss you daily.

Thank you to the mom who taught me what I would need to know to become a yoga teacher. You didn’t make me feel any less because I was doing something only for myself. You made me feel confident again about what my body can do and how strong I can be.

There are so many more and I could go on and on. Thank you. Thank you. A thousand times, thank you.


2 comments on “A Thank You To 19 Moms”

  1. Thank you to the mom that sent me countless boxes of baby stuff, was always there if I had a question and is still a major part or my mom support system even when she lives thousands of miles away. That’s you! I love you Jenn!!!!

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