Filling Our Gratefulness Jars

My family has been working on filling our gratefulness jars. My daughters each decorated their own mason jar with stickers during church school and our whole church congregation was encouraged to write down something that we’re grateful for each day. Well, it doesn’t always happen every day, but usually after dinner we’ll go around the table and ask what everyone was thankful for that day. I write down what everyone says on different colored pieces of paper and we add them to the jars.

I really enjoy hearing what my daughters are grateful for. Some of the things they have said they’re grateful for have been nice parents (I promise I didn’t bribe my daughter to say that one!), making new friends at the Boys and Girls Club (where my daughter goes for before and after school care), and for Calvin (our cat). With Thanksgiving only a couple short weeks away, I thought I might share with you just a small sample of the things I’ve been feeling grateful for lately.

potty training is a thing of the past! No more diapers, no more wipes, no more “I don’t want to sit on the potty!” gripes. Two kids in underwear and (knock on wood) no more accidents. Life is good!

They are growing up so fast!
They are growing up so fast!

…my girls have really settled into the whole school routine and, even better, they’re enjoying it and learning so much.

…fun family school events that we’ve been able to attend including Bingo night, Trunk or Treating, and a family music night.

Lots of movement (hence the blurry picture)
Lots of movement (hence the blurry picture)

…my daughters are growing more independent with each passing day. They (usually) play pretty well together and do a great job keeping each other entertained. This gives me the time I need to get some things done around the house, or you know, take a shower.

…which brings me to “No shave November.” Ladies, it doesn’t necessarily pertain to just men growing a beard or mustache. Heck, I welcome the opportunity to save some time in the shower and forgo shaving my legs until I deem it necessary. Maybe once a week instead of every day? Hey, anything we can do to keep a little warmer during the colder months, am I right?

no shave november

…a husband who likes to teach our girls how to carve pumpkins with power tools (with lots of supervision of course!).

Those little carving knives just don't cut it!
Those little carving knives just don’t cut it! Literally.

…the changing seasons we have the pleasure of enjoying while living in New England. It keeps life interesting, and with each season comes new adventures to be had. We’ve enjoyed some beautiful hikes this fall. The vibrant colors and the cool, crisp air just can’t be beat!

fall scenery

…the perfect nights we have had for bonfires and roasting marshmallows.


…letting loose and being goofy with my girls. I know there will come a day when they’ll be too embarrassed to act silly with their mom, so I’m going to get as much silly time as I can now.

Being goofy

…laughing about (and getting pictures of) some of those funny things in life that just happen on their own.

Rough night?
Rough night?


Emma was channeling her inner Cameron Diaz from "There's Something About Mary" with this post-nap hair-do!
Emma was channeling her inner Cameron Diaz from “There’s Something About Mary” with this post-nap hair-do!

If there’s one great lesson that has come with filling our gratefulness jar, it’s been that there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

So, what are YOU thankful for these days?

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