Race to December 1st

I was recently reading online about a mothers goal towards holiday cheer. It didn’t have anything to do with gifts she wanted or how to achieve world peace, but what it had was a deadline of December 1st.  Each December 1st this mother would make certain that her holiday shopping was done, gifts were wrapped and decorations were up. She did this not because of being a planner or super organized, but rather because she wanted to enjoy the true meaning of the holidays with the people that meant the most to her. She didn’t want to be at the malls or decorating the tree right before guests arrived, she wanted to enjoy her favorite time of the year without stress.

Thus, I am going to try and achieve the same goal. 50% of my holiday shopping is done (without me feeling like I rushed around), decorations will be up the weekend of Thanksgiving and gifts will be wrapped by the end of that Sunday. They will be stored in a closet and won’t come out again for a few more weeks. From December 1 – until the holiday festivities are over, I will be spending it with my family, enjoy every minute and not stressing out about what last minute gifts I need to buy.

While it did take a few weeks for me to get organized with my excel gift list (you know I do this every year), it was super easy thanks to Amazon Prime and online shopping.

How are you getting organized this holiday season? Are you trying to finish up gifts and decorating early so you can enjoy the holidays with family?

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