The Sound of Silence


I’ve lost my voice. And three long weeks later, I still haven’t completely found it. While it’s not unusual for me be hoarse when I’m sick, I don’t remember a time when it’s been this way for quite so long.

I enjoy a good conversation, but I never really thought about how much life as a mom requires you to speak. It seems children are constantly wanting validation about something they’ve done and they won’t stop until they’ve been acknowledged. Mom, look at this picture. Mom, the dog is snoring again. Mom, look – the moon is following me. Mom. Mom. Mom!

There are questions galore – mine and theirs. Why can’t I step on the dog’s toe? Do you want pancakes or waffles for breakfast? Do you want banana or raspberries? Do you hear me? PLEASE just answer me.

Then there are the phrases that must be repeated over and over again. Stop jumping on the couch. Stop teasing your sister. Put your coat on. Please, switch your shoes to the other feet. Please leave the dog alone, she has a hurt foot. Please stand up. Please sit down. Let’s go. Because I said no. No spitting. No hitting. Please use your walking feet. I need your cooperation. It’s not a race.

These are the times when heading to work on Monday morning is just fine with me. I stock up on ginger and honey tea and head out the door. Finally I can rest my voice. But inevitably fires must be put out and training sessions and conference calls must be held. But still, it’s less talking then being home with the kids.

So, in three weeks, I haven’t been able to rest my voice, or really even rest my body. But in the last three weeks I’ve done some really awesome things with my family. I’ve cheered for newlyweds and watched my two year old dance her heart out. I’ve been to a disco at the Twain House and driven out of state and back in one afternoon to celebrate the 2nd birthday of a special family member. I’ve been to a board meeting and doctors’ appointments. I’ve eaten Brazilian food and been to a tango concert. I’ve been to parent teacher conferences,  a children’s museum and a celebrated a friend at her baby shower. I’ve been to a school social and done a reading in front of my church. I’ve launched a website and cleaned up dog vomit. I’ve taken my kids to their first race and had a bowling play date. I cannot believe the number of things I can pack into a weekend.

So while I haven’t really taken the time to rest my body, I have nourished my soul. I suppose if I was sick enough to really need it, my body probably would have demanded the down time. For now, I’ll drink my ginger tea, fire up the humidifier and hope to have my voice fully restored in time for Christmas. I’m sure cheering for my husband at our local turkey trot will help.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.46.30 PM

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