My Wish For You…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Yep, already.  The chaos of The HOLIDAYS has officially (unofficially?) begun.  So, tomorrow, when your son dumps his full plate of food on the carpet, your other son tells you he hates everything you made and it smells like “green garbage,” and Drunk Uncle is muttering about kids these days and their selfies, take a step back, a deep breath, and know I am right there with you.  We’re in this together, friend.


And here is my wish for you…


Your children sleep late so that you can enjoy that first cup of coffee in silence.

You have an effortlessly fabulous hair day.

You end up in the quickest check out line at the grocery store.


A turkey that is the “M” word and your gravy lump-free.

The perfect, close-to-the-entrance parking spot.

You enjoy that third piece of pie without an ounce of guilt.

Your wine glass never be empty.


You find amazing sales online.

Your kids share.

You have big, snorting, belly laughs with your family.

You enjoy uninterrupted showers, sleep, and trips to the bathroom.

Your kids play the “who can be the quietest” game.  All. Day.

You clean up zero bodily fluids.


You eat your weight in carbs and somehow lose 5 pounds.

Your kids take long naps.

You take long naps.

Your kitchen magically cleans itself.


Above all, I wish you love, peace, warmth, and comfort.


And patience.



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