This is My Hometown


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Love for the 06037 brought my husband and I back to our hometown when we started our family.  After spending our college years and a few there after, in Boston, we migrated back to Connecticut for law school, and found ourselves in my grandparent’s old house in Bristol a few months before graduation.  We knew it would be a temporary situation, a few years, and one kid later, we knew exactly where we wanted this family of ours to end up-  BERLIN.  OUR hometown.  As luck would have it, we closed on our forever home the first week of the New Year, in January, 2013.  Damn good timing, too, considering the day we got the keys to our new home, I discovered our family of 3 would be increasing by two feet- Yep.  Pregnant.  And about that timing?  We were moving out of a two bedroom ranch house that we were very quickly outgrowing, and into a three bedroom with plenty of room to grow.


**Photo Credit- Janelle Melnyk Photography**

So here we are, a family of four, living three minutes away from my parents, our favorite pizza restaurant, and in a beautiful tree-lined neighborhood.


In high school, we ragged on Berlin.  It was too small.  It wasn’t cool.  The one coffee shop everyone gravitated to closed its doors the first weekend I went away to college.  I was SO READY to get out and live in a swank town with boutiques, and a Starbucks, and a place to buy preppy flip flops with the name of said swank town embroidered on them.

liv donut

But instead, the more my husband and I talked about it, the more we wanted to live closer to our families, and have our children experience the joys our small town gave us growing up.  So with that, we zeroed in on homes in Berlin, bought a place, and are now sharing all of OUR hometown faves with our two kids.  And damn is it fun!


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