The More Things Stay the Same

No, I do not want to build a snow man. I just…No. Ugh.

I shouldn’t complain, but I’ve been so spoiled with this lovely “Springmas” we’ve been having. And when you’re spoiled that makes reality that much harder. So this morning, I grumbled as I dug out my boots and gloves, grabbed a shovel and went out with my husband to attack my driveway. Then I helped my daughter get into her snow pants and boots so she could have a great day at camp. Panic set in as I realized I had not checked to see if said pants and boots would actually fit. I was 1 for 2. The pants fit but not the boots. At least she waited until we got to camp to tell me they hurt her toes.

This happens to me every year. I’m never prepared: the boots are too small in winter; the bathing suit is too tight in summer. So I started thinking, what if I started trying harder to be better at the things I just suck at?

Let’s start with being on time. I could use a lot of help here. I am late for everything. Usually because I need to do 9,376 things before I walk out the door. So what if I cut back to 8,435 things? Still going to be late. Ok, I could just get up earlier, get it all done. NO, wait, I could stay up later, get it all done. That hasn’t worked for the past 43 years, but I have a good feeling about this year.

Preach, Ms. Andrews.
Preach, Ms. Andrews.

I am also a grand procrastinator. My blog posts are usually written the day they go up. My Brownie troop never knows what’s going to happen because I usually don’t plan until the day we meet. I am the queen of waiting until the last minute (which sometimes makes me late. See above.) Maybe it’s a matter of being organized. Maybe it’s a matter of having enough time or being motivated to get ahead of the game. But even though it’s stressful, it’s also a rush to get things done under the wire. You never feel more of a sense of accomplishment when you’ve put off something and actually get it done on time, even as you come skidding to a stop with your hair on fire. If that’s the case, then procrastinating is my only vice. Maybe I should keep it. A girl’s gotta have a little adventure in her life now and then.


Next, I probably could be better with money. You know, start a savings plan, pay down some debt, stop using credit cards all together. College isn’t going to pay for itself, right? But the internet people. It makes it so easy to get everything you’ve ever dreamed of and keep up with those pesky Joneses at the same time. Damn you, Amazon Prime.

giphy (1)

You know what?  I just had a brilliant idea: Maybe I should just learn to love myself as I am. How about in 2016, when I start feeling “less than,” I can shut that crap down and remind myself that I’m pretty awesome. I can take a look back and see the “wins.”  I’ve managed to keep a kid alive for the past 7.5 years. That’s gotta count for something. I write some pretty good stuff. I manage being a working mom like a boss. I have my moments, but I am always honest about them so I can deal and move on. I know how to make myself laugh when the going gets tough. And I know how to drop a life lesson here and there.

I think I just talked myself into having a really great year. Look out 2016. I’m coming for you.

I've got your number, 2016!
I’ve got your number, 2016!

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