Weekends With Kids

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IMG_3612My new, all time favorite thing to do on Friday nights is take my kids to swim lessons. After a usually hectic week of school and work and night time meetings, it’s such a treat to know that on Friday nights the three of us get to spend time together, doing something they love, and I get some much needed down time. I love the mini adventure of getting to the lessons and into the pool and there is nothing better than sitting in the warm pool area watching my kids loving life in the water. It’s a perfect end to the week and fantastic welcome to the weekend.

The old me looked forward to Friday nights for going out. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was pretty devastated after having my son and unable to go out on the weekends as I was accustomed to. My mantra since college had been work hard, party hard, and I couldn’t imagine any other way to reward myself after a long week’s work. But, relaxing on weekend nights slowly replaced partying, and now that my children are ages 6 and 3, I enjoy spending time with them.

I LOVE their questions and listening to them attempt a conversation with one another. I love sharing in their excitement and their absolute joy for life’s everyday things. And, I love cuddling with them on the couch and watching movies that I watched as a kid or new movies that we get to enjoy for the first time together. Life certainly is funny. I can’t believe that this is my ideal weekend and yet I can’t imagine anything better.

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  1. Loved this!! It took me a while (ahem, years…) to adjust to weekend life with a child and I’m totally right there with you now!

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