My 5-Year Old’s Wedding Day

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2315_originalI write this blog for my girl so one day when she’s big, she’ll know what our lives were like when she was an itty bitty.  I don’t really know when or in what format I’ll give it to her because who knows how long my blog posts will live on the internet.  (The internet is just a fad, you know.)

Maybe I’ll print it out and make it a little book or maybe I’ll download it to whatever version of the Kindle or iPad exists in the future.  Or maybe by then I’ll be able to beam it directly to her brain.  I’ve been thinking that I want to give it to her on a big day like the one before she gets married.

So lately, every time I open a blank screen up to start writing, I imagine her on the night before her wedding, sitting up in her bed with her computer on her lap (or somehow viewing what I’ve downloaded directly to her brain) plowing through our stories; my wedding dress hanging on her closet door, pressed and ready to be worn the next day.

I wonder what our lives will be like that day.  Well, not that day specifically but at that time in our lives.  How old will we be?  Will we like the person she chooses?  Will they live independently?  Will she have meaningful work?  A gigantic bridal party?  Will society have come to accept her to the point where even the concept of her having a wedding won’t be on some futuristic version of Upworthy or The Mighty?  All questions I can’t answer.  But there are a few things I already know will be true…

A letter to my 5-year old daughter on her wedding day:

Abby, my dear.  I am so very proud of you.  From the day you entered our lives, you blew away all our expectations.  You showed us what it meant to love unconditionally and to enjoy life to its fullest.  You’ve undoubtedly chosen the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with.  Treat each other well and never forget what made the two of you fall in love.  

Know that while you are absolutely extraordinary, you are also perfectly ordinary.  Demand to be treated as such from everyone you encounter.  

Enjoy this day and this time of your life.  You’ve worked harder than anyone I know to get here.  I love you more than you know.  



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