Five Ways my Kids are Aging Out

I recently registered Zachary for kindergarten.  Having done this once already for Noah, I was quickly reminded how this event and the fact that Zac will be turning five in 42 days (yes, yes we are counting) that knocks the wind out of me.  I can’t put my finger on what about this age in particular feels different than turning four or three, but I do know this is a steep peak in the road to a more independent little boy, one who no longer using a binky or sippy cup.  Diapers are a thing of the past.  He is moving onward and upward as fast as he can (in part because he so desperately wants to be a cheetah).  I still have my baby girl who still has some time before officially entering this stage, but anyone with multiple children will probably agree with me when I say the youngest tend to grow up the fastest.  Of course there are countless ways being on our way out of the baby/toddler stage is amazing and I can find some consolation in those reasons, but, overall, my heart is a little tender with the changes that lie on the horizon and all of the phases that my kids have nearly or all together aged out of…


This is self-explanatory as it relates to Noah and Zachary, but even Eliza who is 2 ½ has not sported any onesies all winter. Not even as an undershirt (much to my mother’s dismay). Gone are the days that I can spend $12 on a three piece set from Carter’s.  No more cute butts covered with a big yellow star or pirate monkey.  Instead, it’s Under Armour track suits and tulle dresses all around.

pirate monkey

Baby Stores

I can’t remember the last time I stepped foot in the mega warehouse that is Babies R Us.  It’s not that I miss how overwhelming the store is or even all the unnecessary gadgets being sold, I guess I ache a little for the need to buy a cuddly swaddle blanket or hooded bath towel neither of which can be found in this house.  Please, someone, invite me to a baby shower, PRONTO!

Mommy and me Classes

Don’t get me wrong, some parent participation classes are kind of torturous (swimming I’m looking at you), but even the worst classes are the best excuses to stop multitasking and start being playful with your child. I love having an hour a week of planned one-on-one, quality time with Eliza when we attend gymnastics class.  That will all come to end in the fall when she turns three and no longer needs her “shadow”.

Kid Specific Music

Oh, how we used to jam to The Laurie Berkner Band! In fact, the Best of The Laurie Berkner Band album was on heavy rotation in 2011 on the way to MyGym class with Noah every week.  I can’t hear the Bumblebee song without going right back to that time and place in our lives – a family of three with one on the way.  Nostalgia overload.  These days my boys are into “wild” songs, while Eliza has been enjoying Bad Blood, By T. Swift or any song sung by a Disney princess (don’t even mention .  Kidz Bop is good for the clean and appropriate lyrics.  Everyone’s happy when we can mix in a Bieber joint here and there.  It’s good.  It’s just – big kid – stuff.  (True Confession:  I have totally listened to my Laurie play list while driving around sans kids when I’m feeling extra sentimental.)

laurie berkner

Carrying my Babies

Attempting to carry Noah is like asking for a chiropractic emergency.  I still try to when I have a burst of energy and a tired boy.  My days are numbered with my two littles.  And I can accept that they are “too big” and it’s not really “appropriate” to carry a kindergartener down the hall to his class.  Fine, social norms.  I got you.  However, the worst part about aging out is not that the task is no longer being performed, but that no matter how hard I work to keep the memories of the time I spent cradling and holding my babies crisp and loud, they are inevitably blurred and muffled.   This one.  Sigh.

Holding it down, two at a time.
Holding it down, two at a time.

My babies are growing up and it’s pretty stunning to see.

From the day Noah was born he was a bit emotionally high maintenance. It used to take me upwards of 45 minutes to put him to bed with all the stories and rocking and singing his little heart desired, but lately it has only taken a quick blanket check and kiss to send him off to dream land.  The other night I tucked him in and as I was leaving the room he said:  “Mommy, can you lay with me in my bed for a little while?”

I’m sure he (and his brother and sister) will age out of this request soon enough. But today is not that day.  Thank goodness for that.


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