I’m Pregnant!

Well, that was quick! After totally freaking out after not getting pregnant on our first cycle, the second one took. I felt guilty telling my aunt who struggled with infertility for years before adopting my cousin. We had just commiserated on the phone during my two-week wait about how fertile people just don’t get it. (Not that I saw myself as infertile, but using artificial insemination with donor sperm already put us more into that category than a couple who didn’t have to think so much about it.)

My wife and I both don’t believe it. We didn’t have the jumping-up-and-down-YAY moment I had imagined, but I let go of so many of my expectations last month. For any TTC lesbians, I wrote out every little detail of how we did it in case it helps you.

I’m due in October! But my main focus right now is how my manuscript is due to my publisher in May. I’ve had a not-so-fun week of exhaustion, nausea, and vomiting and it isn’t really conducive to writing. Morning sickness and fatigue are supposed to last to April which means I’d have to write most of my book like this. It feels impossible. Hopefully it’s not.

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