Thinking Happy Thoughts


Spring has nearly sprung and although this winter hasn’t been as brutal as some others in recent memory, I’m still not a fan of the season once the holidays have come and gone.  Budding flowers and more sunshine, the my crew and I are very much looking forward to Spring!

Trade snow boots for rain boots and leave the winter gear at home.  No more day care bags packed to the brim full of hats, gloves, and snow pants.  I have bought the two boys a combined four winter coats this year because they cannot seem to keep track of them while at school or their extracurricular activities. I wouldn’t put it past them to lose another during the (hopefully) few days of cold temperatures that are before us, but I will soon be happy to give up my daily reconnaissance mission digging through the mounds of orphaned outerwear in the lost and found.

Daylight savings time starts next week. And yes, I get it, it’s kind of a nonsensical practice, but I enjoy this little treat after a long and dark winter. I like commuting home before dusk and seeing my husband through the light of day. For some odd reason, I am surprised by the extra day light each year: “Oh look, it’s 6:00 and IT’S STILL LIGHT OUT. THIS IS AMAZING!!”

With more daylight there will be more outside time. The fountain in the center of town will be turned back on. The kids are itching to get back on their bikes and break out the side walk chalk.  Porto-potties will be back out at all the local green spaces – excited about public toilets, well, that’s a first. Soccer and baseball rosters are set. Double headers at the park are in our future.

Spring is the beginning of our birthday season. April, May, and July. It’s a whirlwind of birthday invites, cake, thank you notes, and more cake that doesn’t stop spinning until mid-summer. The kids have been amped since the beginning of the year and I’m ready to celebrate years 7, 5, and 3.

Speaking of celebrating …this year marks our tenth wedding anniversary. Our actual anniversary isn’t until the fall, but given our family logistics and the timing of other events this year, we are capitalizing on Spring Break to get away for some R&R. As working parents of three kids I don’t think I need to say anything more about this than YASSSS.

Spring: We’re coming for you!!

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