My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts


You may be wondering why I’m talking the time to tell you about podcasts.  Podcasts are actually a great tool for moms.   I find that I can squeeze in a podcast at lots of different times throughout my mom day:

  • At the grocery store by myself (rare I know!)
  • While waiting at dance or any other kid practice
  • While cooking dinner
  • On the treadmill
  • On a long run
  • While cleaning the house

Listening to music or podcasts with noise cancelling headphones while cooking dinner has actually saved my sanity.  We all know how difficult the witching hour can be, but somehow my kids have come to understand that if mommy’s got the headphones on she needs her alone time and they should seek out daddy for assistance. It also helps that I can’t hear the screaming.  #justkidding #notreally

If I’ve piqued your interest and you want to get in the podcast game, here are some for you to check out.  I’ve mentioned a few of these in previous posts.


Another Mother Runner

This one tops my list.  As we know I am a runner, and a mother.  These recordings all tend to be about an hour so they’re perfect for a long run.  I love the banter between the women.  They discuss topics that are specifically relevant to female runners (not just mothers) and I appreciate that they never focus too much on pace because runners come in all shapes and sizes.





If you haven’t heard of Adnan Syed this recommendation and the next one will make no sense to you.  Serial started in 2014 by discussing the case of Adnan Syed a man who was convicted of killing his girlfriend in 1999.  The investigation into the case was riveting.  Serial has now moved onto investigating the case of Bowe Bergdahl the solider held captive by the Taliban for 5 years.  Season two isn’t grabbing me as much as season one, but still worth a listen.


More Adnan Syed.  I admit, I’m slightly obsessed.  This podcast looks at the Syed case from the legal side and is much less of a narrative like Serial.  It is created by Rabia Chaudry, the sister of Adnan’s best friend, who is a lawyer and has always proclaimed Adnan’s innocence.  She is joined by two other lawyers who dissect the legal aspects of the case from all angles.


Modern Love

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the popular column Modern Love in the New York Times. Well, there is a podcast now.  Famous actors read popular essays from the column and then the writer is interviewed about where they are now.  These episodes are each about 15 minutes long and easy to get through while prepping dinner or driving around town.




The Happy Bite

I’ve talked about this one before.  This podcast along with Sally’s blog has helped me immensely in my views about feeding my kids.  I’ve relaxed about it a lot more and as a result my kids are eating healthier, happier, and in more varied ways.  These episodes are also pretty quick.






So there you have it.  If you are a podcast listener I’d love to hear about what you’re listening too as well.  I’m always looking for another to add to my collection.

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