In an instant…

It has been three years since the Boston Marathon bombings. Time certainly does seem to go by in an instant, but there are certain memories that never seem to fade. When I think about that day, I am still met with a rush of emotions and instantly get nervous even though my family and I are safe. In the three years since a lot has happened–good and bad. My family and I have grown in age, maturity, and love.  And, with each year that passes, I feel as though I have more to live for and more to lose.

One thing that has remained constant in the last 3 years though, is my gratitude and my decision to choose love. So today, as many are gathered in Boston to run and to celebrate, including my husband who is once again volunteering at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, I choose love. Send strength and love to all those impacted by the violence on April 15, 2013.

Original Post from April 16, 2013

I am at a conference this weeeedsk in DC.  I love DC and I love going to conferences.  They are like mini mom vacations.  But this “vacation” got interrupted yesterday by numerous phone calls and a text message from my husband letting me know there had been an explosion only 200 feet from where he and our friends were working the Boston Marathon finish line.

Once again, I am reminded of how quickly life can change. Earlier in the day my husband and I had been sending cute texts back and forth as I reminisced about our first vacation together to DC when we were engaged in ’06.  And then, hours later, I’m pacing in the lobby of my hotel dialing frantically, and hearing the same horrible recording I remember hearing on 9-11, unable to reach my husband while receiving panicked calls and texts from family and friends who knew Evan was there and didn’t know if he was ok.

I am one of the lucky ones. My husband is fine and my children are safe and oblivious. It could have turned out differently though, just like that. Sadly, for many it did.  But, I refuse to let “them” win. I refuse to live in a world of fear and hate.  I am going to take a page from the amazing families in Newtown and choose love.

When I finally get home to my family, I am going to hug my husband and children a little tighter. Until then, I’m going to look at my sweet baby girl’s face and smile and be thankful for her and my son and my husband.  Sending strength and love to all of those impacted by yesterday’s violence.

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