Sometimes, You Just Need to Stop and Climb a Tree

treeLife can be pretty busy sometimes. Work has been unbelievably hectic for both my husband and me lately, and the weekends don’t let up. Between baseball and birthday parties, sleepovers and grocery shopping, before you know it Sunday baths are done, and there I am packing homework in book bags and preparing for the week ahead.  But, amidst all the chaos and ushering the family from one place to the next are moments of pure joy and peace.

This past weekend, our town’s little league held opening ceremonies. This year is my daughter’s first time playing t-ball. My son has moved up to ‘coaches pitch’ and my husband is his coach. So, we had to be up, ready, and to the opening ceremony parade by 10AM on Sunday to line up. I knew that helping my kids (and husband) get dressed in uniform and out the door would take longer than expected. I also knew, based on the weather report, that I was going to need some time to get myself ready and to pick out a warm, albeit cute outfit to wear to the opening festivities.

I decided to treat myself well and start the day with a long run followed by a deliciously warm shower. My husband treated us to banana chocolate chip pancakes and then we were off, getting on uniforms, hair combed, shoes on, and out the door all by 9:40. Once at the parade line up, my husband and son stood with their division and I stayed with my daughter as she met teams mates and ran around using her imagination to have a ball. As soon as the parade was about to start, I ran to get a spot to take pictures of my three marchers and cheer on the mostly excited, although somewhat confused, children walking in the parade. Then, I quickly ran to get back to my daughter to stand with her for the opening ceremonies. Having witnessed the ceremonies in previous years, I knew my 4 year old wouldn’t be able to sit still for the 20 minutes or so of announcements.

After all was said and done, we began to depart the ceremonies around 11:20. The day ahead held two baseball games, the purchase of a birthday gift, and a birthday party. We also needed to squeeze in lunch, dinner, and some homework. But, as we were leaving the ceremonies, the kids saw this tree. My son screamed out, “I love that tree,” followed by my daughter who also became immediately enamored by the tree. Before we knew it our kids were running towards it, as were many other children, and up they climbed onto the tree’s limbs that were so long they touched the ground. The tree really was beautiful–so large and welcoming. As my husband and I stood there, watching our children climb the tree, I was at peace. Life may be crazy sometimes, but we have a life together. Sometimes, all that really matters is taking a few moments to stop and climb a tree.

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