So We Think We Can Dance

Katy Perry. Meghan Trainor. Rihanna. Flo Rida. I’ve become a pop music junkie, and these artists are my jam.

When I had just one baby, one little Edie, we rocked out to the folky guitar music of Elizabeth Mitchell. Now, I have two daughters and we break it down to the top 40 bump-n-grind hits like it’s our job. We crank up YouTube videos or search for Work From Home on Spotify and, boom, dance party!

Dave suggests we limit the racy ones (see above). I try, but… the music is so damn catchy! And the costumes and sets and backup dancers are eye candy.

We move the coffee table for extra space. Sometimes we dance to show tunes, or swing music, and I swing them up in the air like we know what we’re doing. Then I stop because my five-year old is too heavy, and she gets jealous that I’m swinging my three-year old around. Dave will join in, if he’s around. Seriously, no one can stand still when Party Rock Anthem is blaring.

We were recently at a family-friendly hip-hop dance party at my daughter’s school. My friend took a few photos of Edie doing her grade’s practiced routine. Her feet are literally off the ground in all of the pictures. On the sidelines, my younger one wriggled on the floor like a baby break-dancer. Some friends commented on how my kids have moves, and I beamed, proud mama of dancing prodigy. I don’t make Edie practice violin, but we do dance. Like, a lot. Both girls take dance (or “creative movement” for the younger one), and they are picking up some impressive skills.

She’s the airborne one.

I never took formal dance classes, but I love going to weddings. It’s an awesome excuse to try out new moves… which I learn via Wii Dance, and the aforementioned YouTube. You bet your pretty ass I spend my Monday nights watching “Dancing With the Stars”.  I’ll throw down at Zumba too. I want to host a 90s dance party with my friends, and I get excited about making mixes of uptempo tunes.

Dancing with my kids is the fun part of parenting. I love getting my heart rate going and letting the endorphins flow while making up moves with my girls. We probably look ridiculous, and it is pure, innocent fun.

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