I’m coming off a hectic weekend of three birthday parties, gymnastics, soccer, baseball, hockey, and an art exhibition and I’m over here waving the white flag.  Most weekends around here are busy; however, this was definitely an extreme version.  It’s all good, but it’s also exhausting.  My husband and I ran from one field to the next, the bounce place to the roller skating rink and collapsed with Dairy Queen Blizzards Sunday evening when all was said and done.  I took yesterday off to “recover” (which really means I cleaned our neglected house and filled our empty fridge) and I still feel like I haven’t sat down in four days.  Aside from adrenaline, there were certainly some sweet moments that helped me push through the fatigue.

Noah smiling through his soccer game, so proud of himself and his team.

Zachary mastering the monkey bars, both stationary and swinging.

Eliza taking a quick dancing break at a birthday party to kiss my hand and tell me that she loves me so much and in a flash, she’s back to twirling a scarf.

A new friendship for Noah blossoming over a make shift checker game using rocks and acorn tops.

Quick wit and well timed belly laughs courtesy of Zachary’s feisty personality.

Eliza contently painting seashells.

Two butterflies emerging from their chrysalides in our butterfly garden to the delight of my children.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a nap.


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