What I’m Thankful For Today


It’s day 2 of my 5 days of gratitude this week and honestly I’m not really feeling like being super positive. But that’s exactly why I wanted to challenge myself in this way — because I know when things feel hard it helps so much to look at the good stuff. I’d love to hear something positive from you too (in the comments)!

Today I’m Thankful That…

  • I was able to see my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew yesterday! The time FLEW by and my daughter and I both wish we had more time with them. They live in Kentucky so I don’t see them much at all and it was so great to see them, hug them and learn more about what’s going on with them. We also went to Pepe’s Pizza so, yeah, awesome AND tasty.13346893_10156917077100487_2666395550744426912_n
  • I met with someone today who told me she thinks I do a great job at my work. That really meant a lot to me.
  • I learned there’s a new vegan, Jamaican restaurant in Hartford! I MUST try it soon!
  • My daughter told me she loves me, a lot.
  • I have central air. It’s hot. I hate the heat. I am so grateful to whoever invented air conditioning!
  • I treated myself to coffee before work and didn’t spill it as I walked into my office building (because I totally did last week…).
  • Special thankfulness shout outs to:
    • Shawna – for sending me an email that meant a lot to me.
    • Marita – for a kind comment she said on my Facebook page.
    • Jillian – for a great hug before she left work.
    • Brandi – for a great walk and some talk therapy!
    • Scott – for watching our kids on the playground so we could do that walk.
    • Kyle – who is a little kid in my daughter’s class and excitedly told me where Lillian was when he saw me enter their school.
    • Carolyn – my boss is amazingly supportive, generous and incredibly funny.

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