Aging Gracefully

Oh you guys.

Take a minute to check out this video.  (Go on and watch.  Try not to cry.  Let me know if you’re successful.)  I was struck by the woman at about 1:50 talking to the 36-year old. I’m 2 weeks shy of 36… and this is my issue.

I’m working on transitioning from putting too much stock in others’ opinions to just doing what’s right for me.  At 36, I’ve got to focus on my little circle.  My little family and my handful of great friends whose opinions of me don’t budge regardless of who else comes along.

It’s finally becoming clear to me why, as people age, they have fewer – but much deeper – friendships. Our patience wanes. As we get older, we filter out those who say one thing and do another.  Who play both sides.  Who aren’t willing to put in the work but expect the same results.  Who won’t stand up for what they believe in.  Who won’t stand up for us when we’re not around.

The select few are not jealous of what we have, don’t boast about things they have that we don’t. They’re our encouragement in our darkest days. They’re the ones you hop out of bed for a frantic text past midnight and the ones who will crack jokes to make you laugh when reality is really, really hard. They’re the ones you can jump back into conversation with, feeling as though you haven’t missed a beat, after not being able to see each other for a year. They’re your tribe.

Invest in them.  Love them.  Let the others go (with grace) – they’re not worth your time.

This transition is not easy.  In my head it makes perfect sense but in my heart, it’s rough.  I suppose in time, I’ll figure it out… with a little help from my friends.

6 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully

  1. YES! EVERY. WORD. (and you’re ahead of me, it took me almost 40 years to get to that mindset, but it’s a great place to be.)


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