Rocks and Seashells

This past weekend our family went to “the Cape” for the first time. Full disclosure, both my husband and I have run through Cape Cod during a Ragnar Relay, but neither of us have stayed there or truly gotten to enjoy it’s beauty and atmosphere. And, this time we went as a family. The weather wasn’t too great, overcast and cool, but that didn’t stop us and we had a ball.

At the ages of 7 and 4, my kids are non-stop action. On an average weekend day they take a half hour morning break to play make believe and a half hour afternoon break to watch a show. Other than that, they’re ready to go and our days are usually action packed.

On Saturday, I got up early to get a little me time in and took a morning run to the beach. When I returned, breakfast was in full swing followed by a bike ride on the rail trail, trip to the farmers market, epoch game of mini golf, lunch, fun at the beach, (tv show), an adventure walk, dinner, and ice cream. One could say it was a full day. But it was also a happy day and one we won’t soon forget.

My favorite part of the day was spent on the at the beach when we took a nice long walk along the harbor. After braving the ocean waves, my kids, husband and I went to the harbor and embarked on what became a search for sea life, rocks and shells. The kids were beyond excited to spend time with us and I simply loved getting to watch them interact with my husband, each other, and me.

Life can be so busy and hectic day in and day out. It was so nice to spend time together, just us, as a family. This morning when I dropped my daughter off at her camp, she immediately began telling her teachers about all the sea life we discovered…something tells me we share the same favorite memory.

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