On our 5-Year Anniversary – A CTWM’s Transition

Today, Sept. 1st is the 5-year anniversary of when CT Working Moms first launched! It’s been such an amazing 5 years. I have learned so much from my fellow writers and our readers and being part of this community has shaped my parenting in more ways that I can name.

When I first thought up this website while on maternity leave, I wanted to help create a safe, non-judgmental space online for moms in Connecticut to share stories about their lives and find community. I can happily say that we, all those involved in this community, have done exactly that. Founding and managing this website for 5 years has been an honor and I have had so many experiences that would never have been possible without it.

But now it’s time for me to give myself space to work on a new project. So, I am turning over leadership of CT Working Moms to our wonderful writer Sara Orris (who can be reached at hello@ctworkingmoms.com). She’ll be joined by Jessica Hendrickson who will be her second in command. I’ll still be here, writing happily and managing things on the back end, but I’m excited to hand things over to Sara and see where she brings the site.

What’s my new project, you may be wondering? Taking the mission of CTWM’s more local and cultivating a community of kindness in my town of Colchester. We’re already under way and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to create change closer to home. (If you live in Colchester feel free to join the FB group!)

I hope you’ll all welcome Sara with open arms (I know you will!). Thank you for being part of this sisterhood. Till my next blog post…




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