We’re Never Visiting the Mouse Again

You guys, I’ve been having a year.  I was put on a big project at work a few months back, one that ended up requiring working day and night for nearly five months.  There were more instances of my kids begging me to get off the computer at night, on weekend mornings, on weekend afternoons… and on weekend nights… that I care to remember.  The sighs and FINEs were aplenty and the mom guilt was HARD.

At one point, Abby sat down next to me with her toy computer. Jake asked her to come play and she replied, “Not now, Jake. I’m working.”

Low blow, kid.

So I did what I had to do.  I begged my family to just stick with me – it would be worth it.  It had to be worth it.

That project ended in July and quietly on a Saturday morning, I planned out a trip to visit the mouse.

You may be thinking “Seriously, Melissa, you don’t need to buy their love.” And you’re right.

But holy shit was it worth it.


It was just perfect. We’d always said we’d wait until they were a little older to bring them but when push came to shove, that all went in the can and I’m so glad it did.  The magic is real when you’re three and six.  It’s really real.

The awe on their little faces meeting all their favorite characters, the smiles, the I’M SO EXCITED!!! from Jake… This was my fifth trip and by far the best.  It just can’t get any better than that.

So I’m sure you’ll understand when I say:

I never want to visit again.

* * *

And a sidenote: I don’t like to play the disability card often.  It feels contrary to our belief that Abby can truly do everything everyone else can.  Because she can.  But I didn’t want anything to ruin our vacation – especially a miserable child – so we signed up for a special tag that meant we could use our stroller as a wheelchair, meaning we could bring it in the lines with us.  That little tag turned out to be a huge lifesaver – we got preferred/early seating for the shows, special wait-time arrangements… nothing outrageous but small gestures that went a long, long way.  I was in awe of how everyone went out of their way for our girl.

One thought on “We’re Never Visiting the Mouse Again

  1. I took my older two girls to Disney when they were 7 and 9. We waited that long partly because of finances but partly because I had the third baby and was NOT taking an infant to Disney. I left her with my husband and took the big girls because I was worried they were getting too old. It was a great trip. Last year I brought my then 4-year-old baby and we went AGAIN this year because wow, the magic is REAL when they are under 6. So real. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the awe on her face. Every dollar spent was worth it. I’m so glad you had a good time!


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