Dance Me to the End of Love

The day I met you, I knew in my heart that you were my man. You weren’t as confident about our celestial pull at first (and I will never let you live that down), but I can honestly say I have never doubted your magnetic qualities.  We quickly fell in love amidst house parties, happy hours, and soccer games. You opened my eyes to so many new things and brought out the ounce of adventurous spirit that I had buried deep within me.  You inspired me to work hard and forgive easy.  Again and again, I poured you into my heart and found that I am my best and true self when I’m with you.

Newly engaged! (I know, I know - we haven't aged a bit)
Newly engaged! (I know, I know – we haven’t aged a bit)

Ten years have passed since the day we became husband and wife. I still admire how driven and smart you are.  I love that you draw me maps instead of giving me directions and listen to me when I tell you in excruciating detail about the book I’m reading.  You are the best dad – incomparable.  It’s crazy to think of all that has happened over the years; still, some details of that sunny September day will never be forgotten…

I walked down the church’s center aisle at exactly 4:00 p.m. to my handsome groom who greeted me with a shy smile. You managed not to step on my cathedral length veil; however, you incorrectly repeated your vows.  I couldn’t help myself but to giggle and correct you.

Before entering the ballroom to face the crowd a few tables shy of 200 you told me you were nervous about our entrance: “All eyes are on us!”  I looked at you and said:  “How do you think I’ve felt all day?!”

When I leaned my head on your shoulder during our first dance and you whispered: “It’s way too hot in here for that.”

Ah, romance!

It ebbs and flows. Stops and starts.  Even on a day that is supposed to be the peak of all things warm and tender, it can be ungraceful and reckless.  Yes, our love is patient.  Our love is kind.  It is also raw and brash.  I believe in this love, this friendship – not one written in a fairytale or created by a marketing campaign.  I believe in us.

I spent our reception night dancing until I couldn’t feel my feet while you were being a gracious host and attending to our guests. You made sure to try every appetizer served and savored each bite of all three courses while, to the dismay of the caterers, I had my meal wrapped to go.  Little did I know, our wedding day was offering up a sneak peek into our future.  Both running off in myriad directions.  Not always being of the same opinions or holding the same priorities.

We are not the same people that we were September 22, 2006. We have been both invigorated and dulled by the challenges that life and parenthood, in particular, have presented to us.  We’ve muddled through at times, but we continue to learn how to make our marriage work – despite of or maybe because of our differences.  And at the end of the day, we have the most important thing in common:  Our love and dedication to each other.

Now that’s the stuff.

When I was young and foolish, there were too many distractions and insincere, false promises blurring my path. I couldn’t see a clear picture of the life I would make for myself.  Yet, you are more, my sweetest friend.  So much more.

Cheers to 100 and ten more years!

10 years, 3 addresses, 3 kids, and 1 dog.
10 years, 3 addresses, 3 kids, and 1 dog behind us.  Many more adventures to come.

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