Procrastination at its Finest

I recently listened to a TED Radio Hour Podcast that focused on slowing down.  The overall message was that in some instances, slowing down the way we work and think, can actually facilitate a more creative process and help you become more effective.

So I waited. And waited.  I’m still procrastinating as I type.  Hoping inspiration for this blog post will strike any minute now….

All kidding aside, I am always looking for ways to slow down this crazy, beautiful life of mine so I already buy into the concept these TED speakers were selling.  As I listened to the podcast, I tried to soak up as many tips and tricks to obtain a calmer, slower cadence to my every day life.  This is one battle in which I’m afraid I will always be engaged, but as I slowed down this week, I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have noticed a few special things in my world if not for my conscious effort.

  • Complete and total unsolicited kindness of Noah who drew personalized drawings for my husband and I and left them on our master bedroom pillows.  He didn’t waste a single word announcing how thoughtful and creative he is.  He didn’t expect a thing in return.  My heart will break the day he stops leaving me these little love notes.
  • Although it’s 80 degrees today, we actually should be in that sweet spot of the New England weather pattern where the AC is off and the heat hasn’t been turned on yet.  It was during one of these surprisingly brisk fall mornings when Zachary’s hands and feet were cold as ice that I offered him my well worn “house hoodie” – partially in jest, but also because I knew he’d be tickled.  He’s worn it to be every day since – going on one week.  His 5 year old frame is swimming in it, but he’s as cozy as ever wrapped up in one of my pseudo hugs.  I don’t think I’ll ever get it back and that’s just fine by me.
  • Driving an hour home from a dear friend’s birthday party I didn’t listen to a podcast or anything at all except the sing-song mumblings of my toddler which kept me company the whole way.  “I love you so much, Mommy.  I like you.  I like your eyes.  I like your arms.  I love you so much.”  Eliza was soothing herself not talking to me.  How sweet it is that she finds just as much comfort from these words as I do.

Well if I wasn’t convinced before, I am now.  Slowing down is worth every extra second.

Check out Daddy's muscles!
Check out Daddy’s muscles!

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