Here Is What I Wish I Knew About Motherhood

What really happens when you become ‘Mom’.

Do you remember the day your child was born? The care ride to the hospital.  How you will NEVER be able to travel those same roads without that feeling of nervousness in your stomach accompanied by flashbacks of that exact moment.

I remember telling my husband he can make as many stops as necessary on the way.

“Do you want food, babe?” I asked.  “It’s okay, we can stop wherever you need.”

Trying to buy time from the inevitable.  As if more time wasted would delay labor.

The uncertainty.  The nerves.   The slow motion to it all.

I was induced so my story may be a little different.  Regardless, you’re still sitting in that hospital bed hooked up to machines…waiting for the unknown journey of your child into this world.

You’re rockin’ a sexy hospital gown, and then all of a sudden it happens.

Labor happens. It becomes a whirlwind of hours that pass by of wondering how you’re going to get through it.  The pain.  The tears.  The fears.  The time that seems to move at a snail’s pace.

Then all of a sudden time stops.  The first time you hear your child cry…Everything stops.  The world shifts, your soul shifts, and you feel it…
20160428_222324Your instant transition to ‘mom’.

The moment everything changes.
“What happens next?”, you’re thinking.

Everything. Everything happens.

From grieving, to pure joy.
From anxiety, to excitement.
To a love so deep words can’t describe it.

No one really tells you what’s to come.

No one tells you how hard those first few days, weeks and months truly are–Life as you know it is never the same.  You’re ‘mom’.  And the only way you will feel comfort along this ride is knowing that you aren’t alone, writing for mom blogs, and praying more than you ever have in your entire existence.

I’m 7 months new to this mom gig.  The pressure mounts–the laughs and love break it–and there’s this cycle that repeats itself.

Every day wondering how you’re going to make it through.  Every day questioning yourself as ‘mom’.  But you do…you make it through.

Your soul knows you’re a different woman than you once were, but you’re still figuring out this new woman created by motherhood.  And that’s okay!

I wish someone told me.
So, I’m telling you.

Smile at your fellow moms, ask each other if they need anything, and give yourself a year to just be in this moment of self discovery.

Do you wish someone told you the truths of motherhood?  Feel free to share what you wish you knew (pre baby) in the comments!

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