My Third Pregnancy, Third Trimester Media Diet

Since Trump’s election, I’ve developed a distaste for the news.  Never a real news junkie, until recently I’d devour NPR while driving and check Facebook regularly to be an informed citizen.

But the state of the world is bringing me down, and I need to turn it off. Maybe it’s the hormones. Maybe it’s the profound disappointment in the daily headlines, or the disgust at fake news. I’m listening to pop radio, playlists, and podcasts more and more, logging into Facebook less and less.

In the interest of my well-being, I’m limiting my media diet. I may not have my finger on the pulse, but must power through this pregnancy with anxiety in check. The world is going to spin

and headlines will unfold whether I’m tuned in or not. Ignorance is, indeed, bliss.

This painting by the lovely Canadian artist, Edith Lebeau, accurately illustrates my approach to the media. View more at:

So what do I fill my free time with?

Have you seen the wonderful storytelling that is coming out of your t.v.!?  Dave and I devoted this last year to Catastrophe, Stranger Things, The Night Of, The People vs. OJ Simpson, The Crown, Silicon Valley, Broad City, and stand-up comedy specials (check out Gary Gulman). T.V. is in a renaissance, and it’s a medium I can get down with. If I’m watching t.v., I’m likely prone on the couch, done being productive for the day. This makes for one happy place.

I pore over real estate listings like it’s my part-time job. I’ve loved real estate since I was a kid, but my indulgence in has reached new heights. Studying the listings, the original wall-papered kitchens, the dubious design decisions, the gorgeous crown moldings, taxes by neighborhood, and price per square foot is my escape from reality.

While Facebook is a turn-off, Instagram is a turn-on. I take comfort in the nugget-sized posts: simple, filtered photos, with limited words, rants, or links. My feed of friends, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, pro runners and skiers, foodies, and food trucks showing off their latest work, a fun day, or inspiration brings me joy. I can’t look at Trump’s cabinet of curiosities, but I will check out pork buns, kids sledding, or cleverly-tiled floors.

Each morning I wash down a prenatal vitamin with coffee, fuel to get myself and my kids ready. Little by little, I invest in my marriage, my job, and my friendships. At home, I stay on top of our finances, scheduling, and basic needs while carving out time for adventures big and small. On any given day, I may go for a walk, drink herbal tea, clean up cat barf, and get to bed on time. When I steal a few moments of solitude, I think about the baby that will arrive in a few short months, and how I can be the best mom to this child while keeping those other balls in the air.

This is how I choose to focus my time and energy, rather than on the scary, infinitely complex world we live in.

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