Confession of a Working Mom: My Kid Thinks I’m Super Mom

My husband and I feel so fortunate that our kids are enrolled in a daycare where the teachers upload photos throughout the day of what they are doing. Coming from our previous situation, we love being able to see their smiling faces throughout the day, and see the fun that they are having. A few weeks ago, I was at work and did my usual check to see if any pictures had been uploaded. I came across a cute picture of the class with the title  “PJ Day.” It was then that I realized, HOLY SHIT, I forgot that it was PJ day in Evan’s class!

As I zoomed in on the picture I saw that everyone but Evan was wearing their jammies. Even the teacher had her cute little Patriots jammies on. Evan was off to the side of the circle, with what appeared to me to be a terribly sad little face. I then proceeded to burst into tears, and feel like the shittiest parent on the planet. I texted my husband to tell him, and he said he knew, and felt terrible that morning when he dropped him off and realized it was PJ day. In the moment, this just reinforced feeling like the shittiest parent ever.

You would have thought I had found out much worse news based on the tears and my reaction, but I just felt so terrible. I kept playing the brief conversation I had with his teacher the day before over and over in my head reminding me that it was PJ day. So now I just start to feel not only like a shitty parent, but a selfish one. Have I really let my own priorities get in the way so much that I cannot remember a simple thing like to keep my kid in his jammies in the morning and send him to school? Sometimes it can just be so damn daunting to juggle all of our lives and all the different things happening.

Well, thank god for really, really great mom friends. I just so happened to be bitching to a group of girlfriends about what a shitbag I was for forgetting friggin PJ day, when I get a private text from one asking if I wanted her to run a pair of jammies and a lovie over to daycare for me. It was like the heavens had answered my prayers. My son would no longer have to be the ONLY kid in class not wearing his jammies and showing off his lovie.

My kid thinks I am supermom. He got in the car that day, and told me all about how his teacher brought him jammies at lunchtime that “mama dropped off,” as he hugged the turtle stuffed animal like it was his new best friend. For a second I thought about telling him how one of the best women I know saved mama that day, but I selfishly relished in the moment of letting him think I was the best mama out there.

I realize that my kid is not going to suffer at great lengths because his mom forget such a day, but I think to some degree we all want to be super moms. I know that I do. I do not want to disappoint my kids, which in turn just makes me sad. And maybe forgetting PJ day goes to show I am not perfect, and that this is not going to be the first time I forget to do something that may be important to my kids. But, they know I love them, and will hopefully know I am trying my best. Thank goodness for other super moms though, that can rescue you so that in the eyes, heart and mind of your child, you are super mom.

Photo credit: Wilder Zandonella (Passed out after a fun “PJ Day” at school)

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