Lucky for the love of my friends

I’ve always been a social gal, and these days, I’m especially grateful for my friends. They are my anti-anxiety drug, my mood-lifters, my restored faith in humanity. Making plans to look forward to and spending time together negates the other moments that I want to crawl into a blanket fort and hide from reality.

Take Michelle, or Sister Mary Sunshine. That’s been her nickname since middle school; she’s a veritable ray of light. She has a buoyant spirit, an effervescent laugh. The day-to-day bullshit doesn’t get in her way of a good time, like playing poker at home with her hubs, drinking wine while cooking an awesome dinner, or throwing a lip-syncing contest. I keep a little of her in my back pocket to keep my own spirits in check.

Without my friends, life would basically suck ass, via Colette Paperie.

Then there’s my buddy Erin. We met the summer going into 6th grade on the town swim team. We hit it off, and miraculously got paired in the same homeroom that Fall, where we sneaked “Grandma candies” and doodled pictures of our teacher’s ridiculous hair during class. We lived together post-college. She was classically trained as a chef, and nonchalantly created vinaigrette from scratch one night. After eating pizza and cafeteria turkey sandwiches for four years, my mind was blown. Now, she sews little skirts for my girls and sends care packages of embroidered artwork and thrift store finds, just because. She is the most badass, craftiest mom I know, and I adore her!

My friend Julie recently visited from Seattle. We’re good friends, but I also consider her a mentor. We met through work years ago, and grew close after many project road trips. When our significant others hit it off, our friendship was signed, sealed, and delivered. From renting my first apartment to asking for a raise, I’ve always consulted her about personal finances and professional challenges. I appreciate her understated wisdom, her dedication to being a career mom, and her ability to carve out time for herself among a demanding schedule.

I have friends that I walk with regularly – our cost-effective therapy sessions. Others I see irregularly, but am always thrilled to bump into and pick up where we left off. Some I no longer keep in touch with, but hold close to my heart because they shaped a chapter of my life. My high school friends and I know each other on another level, and I still hang out with my first kindergarten bud. Today, I meet friends through my kids or neighborhood; they are the glue that bond us.

When I hear the saying The best things in life are free, I think quickly of my cherished friends.

This is my final post for CTWorkingMoms. It’s been an honor to write with such an amazing group of hard-working mamas! Now on to my next adventure.

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