A Toddler Mom’s Snow Day

I am a teacher which means in the winter I often get the luxury of snow delays, dismissals and the ever-popular snow day. This winter we got away with mostly delays and only two snow days (a true miracle) and I am looking forward to an early summer. But, you know, it’s hard not to get excited when you get a text in the morning that says, No School Today. Even though I am in my thirties, I still get that snow day excitement of hot chocolate and extra tv and sleep.

That is until I realize that I live with two toddlers and a husband who goes to work even if the state doesn’t. A snow day isn’t at all what it was like when I was little. Even though I feel like I could sleep until 10, I am up at the regular time getting milk cups set and everyone cozy and warm. I fit in a coffee somewhere in there, but mostly I am fighting tired eyes while my kids watch Mickey Roadster Racers (thanks Disney…I mean no thanks).

This isn’t a complaint at all.  This is one of the perks of my job that keeps me going back.  Whenever I think I’d like to find a part-time gig (and I think that all the time) I think vacations, summers, a 2:20 release time and snow days.

Rather, this is more proof that teaching 150 teenagers is easier than entertaining two toddlers for twelve hours.

In preparation for the blizzard I went grocery and craft shopping the night before.  I prepped projects and had a bunch of “fun” activities planned so that I wouldn’t be stumped when they got bored.  By 7:15 the tv was off and the crafting began.  My daughter is drawn to all things art, but my son not so much.  Instead of painting the paper he gave him self  “sleeves” to match his monster truck pjs.  Anyways, washing it off and making pink water kept him busy for longer than I thought. Mom 1, Anti-crafter, 0.

After breakfast (which included their uninvited help) they got busy on their magnet building.  This was followed by:

  1. Putting their animals to sleep
  2. Hide and seek
  3. Dance party
  4. Laundry party (not a party)
  5. Indoor snow play (yes it was a glorious mess)
  6. Coloring (her, not him)
  7. Books
  8. A week attempt at a nap
  9. Baking
  10. Dance Party II
  11. Barbies
  12. Fort Building
  13. Fort Breaking
  14. One well-deserved three minute time-out (all of us)
  15. Abcmouse
  16. Workout with kids (chaos)
  17. More magnets
  18. Dad’s Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Outside time!

I know I am not the only one right?  I failed to mention the tears and whines I heard, but those are hard to count.  All in all it was a really wonderful day that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Best moment of the day?  Since birth my son has hated being cold and snow.  He will not go outside and hasn’t for two years.  Except for today…

Somehow his sister convinced him to bundle up and try it.  We had 15 solid minutes of ice-cold, snow-marker, snow-blowing fun.

1-18 were worth it.


One problem, just got the notification that my district is off tomorrow too.  What to do now?  No, literally what do I do?





One thought on “A Toddler Mom’s Snow Day

  1. As a mom of older kids (and as an educator), I’m here to tell you SNOW DAYS GET EASIER!!! Promise! On my snow day my kids slept in, they wandered downstairs and put the TV on, the oldest made the youngest breakfast, and they spent all day just hanging and relaxing. When one decided it was time to go out in the snow, they got dressed (with a little help from me for the youngest) and then they went out–without me!! I took pics from the door! I miss my little ones but I’m enjoying my snow days. 🙂 Great post–it looks like you had fun!


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