As a mom, sometimes you HAVE to come FIRST

I’m going to preface this by saying I hate to run. I find nothing relaxing about it and in fact find it to be more of a chore than anything else. But I have goals and somehow (much to my dismay) running plays a part in the end goal. Let me explain.

In 2014 a group of friends and I decided that for some reason it would be “fun” to run Rugged Maniac (a 5k, 26 obstacle course). I have no idea WHY we thought it would be fun and some days I think we still need our heads checked (especially as we were seeing the injured walking out as we’re walking in about to start the course!). Sure, I’ve never run a 5k so why not add obstacles to the course?! We “kind of” trained – mainly hitting the track and working up to intervals of running. We were so NOT prepared for that course. But had a blast anyway. What made it such a great accomplishment for me wasn’t just the fact that it was a 5k. It was the fact that I pushed myself WAAAAAAAAAAAY out of my comfort zone and climbed up walls (did I mention I am terrified of heights?), jumped over fire, crawled under barbed wire – IN MUD!, etc.

Fast forward to 2015 and add in a few more (non-obstacle course) 5k’s PLUS Rugged to top off the year. Most of the 5k’s were for a cause of some type so in my mind it wasn’t just for the sake of running. It was to support a cause near and dear to me or friends. It was great. I was losing weight, eating right, toning and feeling amazing!

And then 2016 hit.

Whatever the reason, no 5k’s were run. I would start and stop workout programs and mostly blame the inability to get workouts done on time – just not having enough of it, only so many hours in the day right? Putting everyone else first and me last. By the time Rugged Maniac rolled around I was in no way ready (physically, mentally or emotionally) to handle that monster.  I knew if I attempted to run it and at any point failed (didn’t complete an obstacle I had done the two prior years or took more time to complete the entire thing) it would have crushed me. So I decided to preserve my mental state and not go.

But I also made a very important decision then and there. I wasn’t going to let the “funk” of 2016 roll into 2017. I started getting in little workouts here and there. Adding back healthier meal options into my week and setting small goals (and I mean SUPER small). The biggest thing was that I needed to start taking care of me again and knowing that it was ok to put me first sometimes. Looking back, 2015 was a better year for my family because I was healthy and happy and putting me first on occasion. Taking the time I needed. But 2016 – not so much. I tried to be everything for everyone and ran myself into the ground – which ended in me being of no real use to anyone and everyone being miserable. Well I’m done with that.

Look, life happens and that’s ok. So you miss a workout or you have a (gasp) brownie. The point is not to let it turn into weeks of missed workouts or pans and pans of brownies. As moms we need to MAKE time for ourselves or we’ll be of no use to anyone if we’re dead on our feet and so drained we can barely think straight.

Plus I think it’s important for my kids to see me taking care of me. I get to set an example of eating right (and letting them help pick out meals) and exercising (which I guess you could call what they do “help” – encouragement anyway!)

You’re probably wondering if there are any 5k’s on tap for me this year. Why, yes, thank you for asking. I have Rugged Maniac in September, and then I’m currently looking into 3-4 others (the most I will have ever done in a year!). So while I HATE to run – I LOVE the time I need to dedicate to me.

And that my friends, is the end goal.



4 thoughts on “As a mom, sometimes you HAVE to come FIRST

  1. I’ve been running regularly after the birth of her first child. However, currently I have a mother of 6 kids, time does not allow me to do that. But, I’ll do it when we started independently. Awesome Post.


  2. When i were a child, i loved running very much. It maked me healthy and strong. But now, i dont do it anymore because of spending time on job, family. In the near future, I will try it again with my small family. Hope them like running as me. Thanks for article.


  3. I have yet to attempt an obstacle course (or even a legit 5K) but I run a couple of miles every other day or so, even if I’m a bit too busy to squeeze it in. It’s time for me and I need it. Great post!


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