Let’s Love More and Judge Less. Here’s How.

It’s a great logo, right? It’s nice to sit in front of our oversized monitors or look at our bedazzled smart phones with a giant Starbucks coffee in our manicured hands and smile and nod and agree, “Yes.  That’s lovely.  Let’s love more and judge less.  Let’s do that.”


But how do we actually do it?


How do we actively love more and judge less?


There are a million answers to that question.  I think it starts with empathy and the recognition that we are all in this together.  You guys, life is tough.  No matter what your situation, I think we all can agree life can be stressful, messy, complicated, and at times, just freaking hard.


So, how can we help each other through this messy life of ours?


CT Working Moms asked that exact question: what can we do to help?


We have a dear friend, and former blogger, Sharlene, who gave us a suggestion for exactly what we could do.  Sharlene works at Meriden-Wallingford Chrysalis.  Chrysalis provides crisis intervention, support services, self-sufficiency programs, safety planning, court-based and systems advocacy to victims and survivors of domestic violence and their children through community-based and housing programs.


Services at Chrysalis include a 60-day emergency SafeHouse, a 24-month transitional living program and homelessness prevention advocacy and service linkages. Chrysalis provides prevention education and tailored parent services to interrupt the cycle of violence.


During the second half of 2016, Chrysalis learned about a defective lead paint issue at one of their SafeHouses. Six months and well over $30,000 later, the lead paint issue has been resolved and the house has met all clearance standards.  However, in order to successfully complete the work, many items in the shelter needed to be thrown away.


This leaves the home healthy…but bare.


It’s missing furniture, decorative touches, and some of the warmth that makes a house, however short-term, a home.


We at CTWMs thought, what if we could help provide some of what’s missing?  What if we could essentially “adopt a room” and help make it a home?


So that’s what we’re doing.


And here’s how you can help.


Please check out our Go Fund Me page.


Will you help us fill a bare room at Chrysalis with some warmth?  Help us help these families better cope with a heartbreaking situation.  No donation is too small.  Every one is appreciated.


Thank you for any support you can provide and for helping us in our mission to Love More…and Judge Less.




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