5-Second Rule

Today I picked a gummy bear off of the parking lot, brushed it off and gave it to my son to eat. It’s not my proudest moment, but it’s also not my lowest.

New Britain Museum of Art – Glass installation

Some of us will be writing about a “day in a life” this month and I thought starting off with a terribly embarrassing confession may help describe how a typical day goes for me.

On this particular day I took 50 sophomores on a field trip to the art museum. I lost numerous hours of sleep the night before (jitters, worries, nightmare scenarios) and as per usual they rose to the occasion and blew me away with their ability to behave and engage.  I was on cloud nine.

I still had to go back to work though so, add a couple more classes, take away a lunch period and then add a long after school meeting and I was happy, but tired, oh so tired.

Gummy bear high

No time to rest, off to get my kids – I was 10 minutes late as it was.  (Side note) My kids have been severely restricted from candy after a not-so fun dentist appointment, so they have not had gummy bears, sweets or lollis for months. They are so darn cute so I thought I’d give them one of my gummy lifesavers as a treat for getting over hump day.  I had already eaten about 15 on the 5 minute car ride from work to daycare, so why not share with the ones I love?

Long story short I dropped one of the LAST TWO on the ground.  You know the daycare parking lot, where kids cry, puke, poop and drop all of their car seat snacks?  Instead of dealing with the drama of splitting the only 1 had, I got out of my car, brushed off the discarded one and fed it right to my son.  Not only did I bribe them with treats, but I did also did them so dirty.

I’ll be waiting over here for the “pavement flu” or “parking lot virus” to take us all one by one, but as for tonight I’ve got two sleepy toddlers and a husband playing his surround sound in the basement.  Yup, it’s another typical day complete.





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