Parenting: It’s the hard-knock life

Boy did “Annie” ever have it right! [Parenting] is a hard-knock life! (Side note: just to be clear, I mean the “Annie” of 1982 release).

It’s only now officially spring, but we’re already in summer camp planning mode – as I would think most parents are about now.  This is the first summer that Gavin won’t have Birth 2-3 services, having “graduated” last November. It didn’t really hit me until about two weeks ago that when school ends in June so do his services. We’ve never had that before – weekly appointments under Birth 2 -3 don’t take a break (unless we or the therapist are on vacation) but there’s no lengthy interruption in services. Panic set in.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful group of moms I can turn to who have quite a bit of knowledge on the subject of summer services and where/who I start to question. Yesterday we had a PPT with the school to discuss current goals, summer services and next year’s routine. With the exception of two goals we are discontinuing for now (still working on but will not formally measure against due to physical limitations), Gavin is making great progress. He is such a hard worker and continually tests his own limits. Next year’s routine only changes slightly so I don’t see there being any issues – for now. AND he qualifies for summer services.

So one would think “well, you’re good to go right?” One would be soooooooo wrong. More panic, anxiety and extreme planning.

On the surface things seem ok. Summer services extend into summer school – which doesn’t start until July, and only goes four weeks (half days, four days a week). But then we have to figure out transportation – getting approval for out of district transport since the two daycare’s in town are incapable of taking care of Gavin. Getting approval from the daycare that knows how to care for him to upset their day by having him attend only in the afternoon for four weeks. For the first time, trusting someone else other than us to drive him anywhere. Having him in a school without any sibling to smooth things over with staff that don’t know him or how to read him (literally by the time the four weeks is over they MIGHT have an idea of how to read him). Figuring out eating and napping schedules. The list goes on and on and on.


Don’t it seem like there’s never any light?

What’s a day you don’t wanna throw the towel in?

It’s easier than putting up a fight.

And here I thought I had summer all buttoned up! Parenting at it’s best is challenging but throw in two working parents, PPT’s, summer services, transportation, summer camp/daycare, doc’s appts and very young (currently) non-verbal special needs child and all the balls-in-the-air start fly out of control.




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