Baby Boy with the Blue Eyes

Some of you may remember April 4, 2011 as the night that the UConn Husky men’s basketball team beat the underdog Butler Bulldogs to win the NCAA tournament.  Perhaps you were blissfully unaware of the hurricane that started turning that very same day.  He was named Zachary Collin and made landfall at 9:23am.  At 9 lbs 2 oz, he was deemed a Category 5 storm that we would sooner learn just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning…

He was ushered in with much fanfare and was born with a spark that has continually lit an intense, yet jovial path.  Quick with a smile, he is also good humored and super lovable.  Zac has a passion for life that I envy.  He has helped me embrace adventure, given me courage to take risks, and taught me to find the good in every day.  Isn’t learning from your kids the best perk that comes with this parenting gig?

Of course, there are moments when that enthusiasm and presence drives me straight to my closet for some space and a few deep, cleansing breaths.  I often wonder when and how my low maintenance baby resulting from my easiest pregnancy turned into six year old Zachary who tests me and my patience Every. Single. Day.  You guys, his kindergarten swagger is off the charts.  He has lots of opinions on clothes, shoes, rules, dinner options, tv shows, appropriateness of toys, bedtime ETCETERA.  He is fiery, energetic and HE WILL NOT BACK DOWN.   Most days I am able to remind myself his clear-cut convictions will serve him well in life.  I strive for common ground and a mutual understanding because when we’re on the same team – we’re unstoppable.

Happy Birthday! We love you so!

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