My “Must-Haves” Are All About ME.

Considering that I am always on-the-go with one or more bags, it took me a while to really nail-down the list of things I MUST HAVE on me at all times. My whirl of activity tends to revolve around my brood so I couldn’t help but smile when I realized my Must-Haves are all about me!

1) Mascara. I love wearing make-up and at the very least will spend 60 seconds doing a quick brush of mascara and brush of powder. I carry my go-pouch of make-up at all times. Some of this is basic vanity – let’s be honest – but I care about how I present myself to the world. The hilarious part is that that one round of mascara is the secret behind looking rested. My youngest of 5 kids still does not sleep through the night (he’s 2). His twin sister is better but is still up half the nights…so between the two of them I am officially into my 7th year of not sleeping through the night. I realize I brought this on myself by having 5 kids back-to-back, but mascara is my secret weapon that makes me appear awake. If I’m in a hurry I will literally choose 60 seconds for mascara over a bra. That’s what sweatshirts are for.

2) Mints. This is an odd one but I always have mints. Between kids and work – which sometimes involves 6-7 hour stretches in court, I rely on mints to a high degree. Thirst, hunger, drowsiness….mints are my go-to. Obviously I prefer normal human sustenance, but sometimes it’s not available. I think this is my grown-up way of eating candy all day.
3) Phone. Well, obviously. Our lives, our work, our world – in the palm of our hand. This does not require much explanation but I absolutely feel naked and like I am missing a limb if I do not have my phone on me.
4) Latte. Coffee in the morning and Latte in the afternoon. That is what it takes to keep me on two feet. I LOVE my lattes. This past year Santa brought me my own cafe barrista. So I literally make them everyday and I love every second of it. I plan my afternoons around this moment. Luckily the kids think the steaming and frothing is an amazing thing to watch.
5) Elastic and/or bobby pins. As much as I like my long hair, I cannot handle it being all the way down and in my business. You will NEVER spot me without an elastic or bobby pins in my hair. I cannot function and I am always well stocked with these essentials.

I must admit that during the day-to-day craze I feel like all of my time, attention and energy is focused on my kids, my job or my house. So I was kind of proud of myself when I did this exercise and realized that I do prioritize myself in some ways, which makes me happy.

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