Winter is Over…Finally

It’s Spring Break for many of us here in Connecticut and the weather is GORGEOUS!! Anyone who knows me (or has read many of my posts) knows that winter is my kryptonite.  I white-knuckle it through most of March just aching for spring to appear. I need longer days, warm sun, and fresh breezes.  I need to be outside and I need iced coffee.

Today I drove my girls to the beach to play on the playground and enjoy the beautiful weather. I live a few short miles north of the shoreline so it takes us less than ten minutes (depending on the red lights) from driveway to sand. We drove down the familiar road with the windows down and the music pumping.  It’s not just me who misses the spring and summer–my girls feel the same way. Summer is the best but spring is a close second. And it finally feels like spring.

We are finally able to spend entire afternoons outside. Windows will be opened every morning to let in the fresh air and the windows of the car will be down more often than up. We can return to some of our favorite places–playgrounds, beaches, and neighborhood ice cream shops. We have dug out our favorite shorts and t-shirts to wear.

Finally, the sun feels warm again on our faces and the breeze smells like flowers and grass. We can open up the backyard shed, push aside the Christmas lights and snow shovels, and pull out the bikes, scooters, and sidewalk chalk.  My favorite soccer chair has been tossed back into the trunk of my car and the soccer balls have been pumped up with air. The grill has been pulled away from the house and the level of the propane will be checked to be sure we have plenty to cook with now that the evenings are brighter and the night air is warmer.

We will smile more often, laugh a little harder, and our cheeks will be flushed from the fun.

Seriously Mom with the pictures…


Winter is over…finally. Welcome spring.


*All photographs property of S. Orris

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