Life Savers I Can’t Live Without

I was wracking my brain for things I just couldn’t live without and I couldn’t come up with a single thing beyond the absolute essentials – family, friends, love, shelter, food . . . I guess that means that I’m a pretty lucky woman. I’m sure feeling that way! So here’s my list of really awesome, wonderful, helpful and soul filling things in my life that I cannot live without. Ok, I guess I could, but life just wouldn’t be as much joy-filled.

  • Google Calendar – It’s how we manage our lives and make sure that someone is around to take care of the kids. I also use Google Tasks as my online to do list.
  • Post it notes, random scrap pieces of paper and my spiral bound notebook. Not everything can be electronic! I love a gold old fashioned to do list and all the crossing out that goes along with it.
  • Meal Planning – If I don’t know what I’m having for dinner, I feel pretty stressed out. On a good week, I use to keep track of what groceries I need throughout the week so I have one complete list for the next week.
  • Frozen pizza and plain buttered noodles. See above. It doesn’t always mean I’ve got a home cooked meal planned, but it means I know we’ve got some plan. I was about to write that these two things are all my kids eat, but tonight they surprised me by loving split pea soup.
  • Instagram and Facebook – I’m embarrassingly addicted and in strong need of a detox.
  • Sleep – But I need more, more, more.
  • A comfortable bed – I need a new mattress so badly but I keep pushing this chore to the bottom of the to do list. See above. Must make this happen.
  • Almond oil – rubbing this on my skin just before getting out of the shower has really cut down on dry skin this winter.
  • My bread maker – we’ve been enjoying a fresh baked loaf of bread weekly since January. (Just water, flour, salt and yeast – then wait 3 hours!)
  • My cleaning lady – I feel like a total and complete snob adding this to the list, but it’s the truth.
  • Yoga – For me, for my kids, for me to teach to kids – This seems like my year of yoga so far. I’m enjoying a more consistent practice, taking more teacher training and diving headfirst into teaching kids’ yoga and even subbing some adult yoga classes (oh and I also have a full time desk job). I’m way out of my comfort zone and I’m actually doing okay with it.

  • My heating pad and physical therapy – somehow my hips and lower back are feeling like I’m 73 instead of 37. Yoga, physical therapy and some heat before bed are making a huge difference.
  • Books – I’m not reading as much as I’d like too, but I’ve joined a yoga book club that is challenging my normal reading choices.
  • Water with lemon – I’ve got a long history of kidney stones and I keep telling myself this will cure me. I know my heredity is more powerful than a few lemon slices, but now I just love the taste.
  • SUGAR – this is the thing I absolutely cannot live without. I could give up meat, dairy, alcohol and just about anything else, but I think my sugar addiction would be pretty much impossible to give up. I’m eating Reese’s Pieces as I type. I’ve been known to eat brown sugar by itself if there are no other options and I once broke a vertebrae falling down the stairs while going for a midnight snack.

So what’s your non-negotiable? What’s your guilty pleasure or what can you not live without?

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