Celebrating Mother’s Day as a Single Mom

The children shall be with the Wife on Mother’s Day and the Husband on Father’s Day.

I never thought an official document would dictate how I spent Mother’s Day. Truthfully, I never thought any of the events over the past year would be my reality.  But, here I am.  A single mother of two boys.  About to spend the day as my Divorce Agreement states.


I won’t ever say being a single mom is easy, or that you “get used to it” but I will say I have learned to appreciate aspects of my life like I never had before. Being without my boys is the most torturous part of being divorced.  And being with my boys, while exhausting, draining, and difficult in every aspect, is the greatest joy in my life.  A joy that I bask in every time they are in my arms.


Mother’s Day will be anything but relaxing for me. There will no breakfast in bed or sleeping in this Mother’s Day.  It will likely start bright and early and consist of chasing, feeding, cleaning, breaking up fights, and playing with my two crazy little people until the sun goes down.  And even then, there will be no rest.  They take every ounce of my effort and I give it all to them.


Because they deserve it.


Because they are my boys and I am their Mom.


Because their happiness is my happiness.


In a few short years they won’t want me to be the purple Matchbox car in their race, or the Monster in their make believe world. I won’t be their first choice to play on their basketball team or they won’t fight over who sits the closest to me on the couch.  Before I know it, I’ll be begging them for their time.







So until then, I will endure the exhaustion while I soak up every ounce of their admiration.


I will celebrate this Mother’s Day with the ones that made me the best version of myself, the ones who completed me.


I wish the same for you.  Bask in your children’s admiration of you.  There is no one like you.  It’s your shoulder they need to cry on when they get hurt and your hand they reach for when they need help.  You are their comfort and safe place.  You are needed.  And loved.  And worthy of the title “Mommy.”  You are their everything.  Happy Mother’s Day to you.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Mother’s Day as a Single Mom

  1. Happy Mothers Day Jessica, along with all the moms in the world single or not. I understand and go through the same thing week after week as a single father. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. As far as finding out the secret to the single parent life, well then that comes from within each of us to raise our kids the way we know best. WITH LOVE


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