A Tired Mom Wracked With Guilt Lets Something Go

Spoiler alert: It’s me. I’m that tired mom. And you? Well, you’re the something I’m letting go. And that stomachache I have, well, that’s the guilt that I have over saying goodbye.

I’m not fooling myself. I know you’re not all sitting there waiting for my post each month, hitting refresh over and over again until it pops up on the last Monday of the month at noon. But I will be forever grateful to everyone who has read one of my 114 blog posts over the last three and a half years. And if you commented? Well then I think you’re the bee’s knees.

I started writing for CTWM when my oldest daughter was just over three and my youngest was nine months old. It was therapeutic. I’d read this blog for a little while at the suggestion of one of my best friends, and now fellow writers, Jenna. My career has always been in the fields of advertising, marketing and communications and I saw the opportunity to write as a chance to flex a creative muscle I’d like to strengthen. Writing challenged me to be a more mindful mother and it brought me some really fun opportunities like being on the local news and heading to NYC to collaborate with The Bump for #moms4moms day.

Over those three and a half years, I was able to write about a wide range of parenting topics like marital struggles, life/work balance and breastfeeding (and bottle feeding!). I said goodbye to a pet and a job. My husband completed his doctorate the same weekend I had surgery to remove kidney stones! I confronted the fact that I just may have had undiagnosed postpartum depression after the birth of my first child. I struggled when my daughter became cross-eyed at three years old and support from readers and fellow bloggers really helped. And while many of my posts were positive and suggested I might have some things together, please know that I struggle with many things like many of our readers do. We are all works-in-progress and none of us are exactly as our Facebook profiles suggest.

But now it’s time to say goodbye. My kids are getting older and I feel less comfortable blogging about parenting struggles or just about them in general. While normally an open book, I feel like holding my cards a little closer to my chest at this point in my life. And I’m tired. As I alluded to in the title, I am a busy mom, working full-time, teaching kids’ (and sometimes adult) yoga on the side and I’m just feeling stretched a little thin. I’ve taken on a PTO role at my kids’ school next year and something has to give. I started out blogging here weekly, then twice a month and now just monthly. So while letting something go that only takes about an hour a month isn’t going to be life changing, I hope you can understand that I have to make little changes here and there. Thank you for reading and commenting. And thank you for being awesome mamas to those little ones. That’s your most important job in the world.

7 thoughts on “A Tired Mom Wracked With Guilt Lets Something Go

  1. You’re a wise human and great mama, not to mention a wonderful writer. I’ve so enjoyed watching you flex that creative muscle in your writing here! Kudos to you for recognizing when you need to let something go–I know this takes up more than an hour a month. 😉 CTWM is better for having your voice! xoxo


  2. Jenn thank you for all of your posts over the years. You are amazing. I completely understand stepping back and wish you the best!


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