The Best of Hartford

A few months back, Hartford Magazine ran a Readers’ Poll, inviting readers to vote for their favorite people, places and businesses in the Greater Hartford area.  The survey was quite a commitment.  It included more than 300 categories.  When the votes were tallied, CT Working Moms was the 2nd runner up for best blogger!  What a great honor, which only came about because of our amazing readers.

Hartford Magazine then threw a big party for its winners, runner ups, and anyone in the community who wanted to celebrate.  It was a great excuse for me to dress up and hang with 5 other incredible CTWM writers whom I feel I like already know from reading their personal posts on this site.

I was a bit late for the event.  It was the last night of swim lessons for my kids where the parents watch and see how much the kids have progressed.  I contemplated changing in my car, but after my husband shook his head as families walked by, I went into the swim bathroom, and while other parents changed their children, I put on my party dress.

I then found these lovely ladies.

Too late for the red carpet.

I looked around at the party and saw lots of people, dressed up and having a good time.  I was surprised that people actually primp and go out to events.  My typical Friday night does not involve a party dress or a night out in Hartford.  But, to my surprise, lots of other people have lives.

We clean up nicely.

It was a celebration.  There was food, drink, music, dancing, Gerry Brooks.

We borrowed some guy’s selfie stick.  Also, I learned all about what a selfie stick is.  (I am the technologically challenged writer in this group).

It worked!

It was a real treat to spend time with these amazing women, who took time out of their crazy busy lives to celebrate this special blog of ours. The night only worked because of our supportive spouses, in laws and babysitters.

And, of course, it was only possible because of our readers.  Thank you for sharing this motherhood ride with us.  We are honored to share our journeys with you.


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